Check out this fun and sassy new blog from the Blueberry herself!

Looking for a fun new voice in the blogging world? Check out the Sassy Blueberry Bloggy Blog. It’s got a fresh new voice that you just can’t get enough of.

She talks about all kinds of fun topics. Dogs. Cats. Moms. I can’t believe it’s raining again. Stockholm is a beautiful city, but it’s very annoying that it rains here all the time.

And that girl Alice is certainly beautiful, but I was warned that she is a gold digger and to stay away. We’ll see. I’m pretty excited to hit up Kiev tomorrow though. I should actually alert all my friends that I know there that I am going. Should be a good time!

Until next time bloggers. And don’t forget. Blueberries may always be sassy, but sassyness is not always positive.