Check out this fun and sassy new blog from the Blueberry herself!

Looking for a fun new voice in the blogging world? Check out the Sassy Blueberry Bloggy Blog. It’s got a fresh new voice that you just can’t get enough of.

She talks about all kinds of fun topics. Dogs. Cats. Moms. I can’t believe it’s raining again. Stockholm is a beautiful city, but it’s very annoying that it rains here all the time.

And that girl Alice is certainly beautiful, but I was warned that she is a gold digger and to stay away. We’ll see. I’m pretty excited to hit up Kiev tomorrow though. I should actually alert all my friends that I know there that I am going. Should be a good time!

Until next time bloggers. And don’t forget. Blueberries may always be sassy, but sassyness is not always positive.

Hosting Recommendations for Websites made with WordPress

One of the biggest bottlenecks of this business is writing content for our websites. It’s probably the most tedious task of the process (aside from writing content for other websites for backlinks). Once you know how to create a website with WordPress, the rest of the process is annoying, but isn’t too difficult. And it can be significantly cheaper to buy hosting when you have a HostGator coupon code (I believe you can also find these codes on the homepage of the website)

With article directories, the deal is that you submit your articles to other websites (so they get free content), and in exchange they give you your backlink(s) (giving you some direct traffic and a slight SEO benefit). Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to receive free content like those large article directories do? Remember, more articles = more content = more traffic = more money.

Well there is a way to have your website(s) open to the public to receive free articles. With this program, you enter your website(s) into the system, and you can simply sit back and accept or reject articles that are submitted (based on what level of quality you want on your websites). Not only that, you can describe exactly what kinds of articles you are willing to accept to your website so you only receive articles that meet your standards of quality. This would even be acceptable on a sales page with a blog attached to it (here is a sample sales page for a digital product).

Beyond that, this system is a fantastic way to diversify your backlink profile for all of your websites (since you can submit guest posts to so many different places). It really is a fantastic resource for making websites more powerful and is the link building tool I’ve used the most in my entire Internet Marketing career.

How to Save your WordPress Files Anywhere

My entire life is on my laptop – all my photos, music, videos, and all my personal and business documents. Up until a few years ago, if anything were to ever happen to my laptop, I would lose tons of valuable personal data (and be crushed).

Luckily, internet storage became popular before that ever happened, and now I sleep soundly at night knowing that no matter what might happen to my laptop, there is a storage facility somewhere that has all my data safely stored away. It’s also lucky that when you make a blog with WordPress, it’s all made up of small files that can be stored easily.

Everything important that I own is in one of two places (outside of my laptop): Gmail / Google Docs and DropBox.

My entire business is run out of one giant excel spreadsheet and one word document (a giant and ever-shifting to-do list), both of which are on Google Docs.

how to make a wordpress website

All the rest of my business related documents (website files, images, videos, etc.), as well as all the rest of my personal files, are all on DropBox . For those of you that don’t know, DropBox is a special folder that you download onto your desktop, and everything in that folder is simultaneously saved on a remove hard drive online somewhere and updated in real time.

What is really cool about DropBox is:

1.  If anything happens to my laptop, all those files are safe and can be retrieved easily.

2.  I can access and modify any of those files from the Internet (and therefore, work from anywhere with a computer and an Internet connection, even without my own laptop).

Watch the video here:

Take action NOW if you want to be successful!

First off, I want to thank you for having remained subscribed to my newsletter this long! We are now at newsletter #10, which means you have been subscribed for 2.5 months. Hopefully you have read every piece of information in it’s entirety.

I’m going to keep this newsletter nice and short because there is only one point I want to make:

You can read and research all you want about how to make money online, but nothing is going to happen until you take action! That is what separates those who are successful from those that simply aren’t.

It has been more than two months (at least) since you decided you wanted to make money from home and find new sources of income.

Let me ask you a few questions…

Most people spend all their time reading about how they want to make money online and develop passive income, but they never execute.

Do something TODAY to get you closer to your goals, and make sure that by the end of your work session, you got something concrete accomplished.

And make sure every work session you have from this day forward is like that.